Fundamental gestures I

The first installment of what will become the Fundamental Gestures series is loaded with hugs. I decided to start with a common place, trying to remember why it has become common and rediscovering its strength, its beauty.

Photographic exhibition - Hugs

Who lives here?

for Memoria Visible

We find artists, writers, actors and cultural managers who have linked their lives to the center of Medellín in different ways. His stories are a show of resistance and persistence in the face of violence, forgetfulness, and the desire to remain in the place where the heart is hooked.


Encontramos con artistas, escritores, actores y gestores culturales que han ligado de diferentes formas su vida al centro de Medellín. Sus relatos son una muestra de resistencia y persistencia frente a la violencia, el olvido, y el deseo de  permanecer en el lugar donde se engancha el corazón.